BiocroĆ­ Ltd, established 2009, is a tool-based SME developing a range of proprietary, IP protected, advanced multi-well microplates and HAPPY Cell Advanced Suspension Medium (ASM) for the growth of cells in 3-D for use in: High Content Analysis and Cell Based Assays.

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ADVANCE96 Gel Bioreactor Plate

96-well gel filled plate

Gel bioreactor technology for low throughput, high value cell based assays: Ideal for HCS and assays involving Primary cells and Stem cells. Highly stable environment ideal for long-term culture.

  • Provides Thermal Buffering
  • Prevents Evaporation
  • Better well-to-well consistency
  • Improved Cell growth
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Gel Bioreactor Plate

384-well gel filled plate

Gel Bioreactor technology for High Content Screening:

  • Assay volume ranges from 100nl to 50ul
  • Extreme miniaturisation
  • Permits micro scale and nano scale cell based assays within the same plate!
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Happy Cell

Easy to use advanced suspension medium (ASM) for 3D culture of cells

  • Flow Cytometry.
  • Toxicology studies.
  • Suspension medium for spheroid growth.
  • Stem Cells & Primary Cells.
  • Bioreactor growth medium for non-
    adherent cells e.g. T Lymphocytes.
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